A Progression To Play Out Of The Back – An Email From Davide Corti to Matt Saul

This is based on an email from Davide Corti to Matt Saul.

Hi Matt,
I’m sending you the animations that I created for this session. (in the attachments)
It looks like a progression to make the two center back(4-5) and the player (6) confident to play with the goalkeeper out of the back with pressure from two opponents.
The goal is to slowly gain space forward controlling and managing the possession phase in order to run with the ball through one of the 3 goals made by the sticks. (4Vs2)
Space can change in consideration of different ages group, but I would definitely play this as soon as the teams start playing 11vs11.

The second drill it’s a progression of the first exercise and we can play it when we are sure that the level of confidence of our players is good. (6vs4)
Spaces can change in consideration of the ages.
Even for this drill it’s not important how fast we score running through the gates but how we gain the space keeping the ball moving forward.

These could be something interesting to share.