Crossing & Finishing (1st post) – An Exercise Proposed By Davide Corti


This is a drill to learn how to finish with your inside foot from a cross coming from the goal line backwards.

Remember: Finish to the same post the ball is coming from!.

As you will notice on the video, timing is a must in this exercise, because the second team starts the drill only when the team before is crossing the ball back.

The first team that scores ten goals wins the competition and then we change sides, because the cross should be with the right from the right side and with the left from the left side and only on the ground.

The goal is only good if the shot is a one touch and behind the finishing line.

We also want the players to turn around the sticks, the reason is:

  • Get the right timing for the cross, always looking at the player who is crossing the ball so I can slow down or speed up my run
    facing the goal on it’s total frame, from the far post to the first.
  • Every attempt can start with run with the ball and feint before they pass (A), and a sprint with a feint and a change of direction before they receive (B) to go for the cross.


Hope it helps coach.