Filtering Balls & Finishing In 1 Touch – A Drill Suggested By Davide Corti

Davide Corti is Rush Soccer’s Director of Coach & Player Development

Subject: Finishing – Filtering Balls Behind the Back 4 and Finishing 1 Touch.

Play 7v7 + Gks on a 75×70 yards field. Game is played as normal with the objective of filtering balls behind the opponents back 4. The attackers can only step beyond the delimited area when a ball is filtered.

This drill is about attacking the opponent filtering balls behind their shoulders and finishing in 1 touch.

In consequence, you can score by:
*From distance within the central playing area, with unlimited touches.
*Receiving the ball beyond the central playing area, 1 touch

Tip: Encourage the players to pay attention to the offside line.


The team defending can’t step beyond the delimited area. Finishing is one touch.

What: The drill is about filtering balls and finishing in 1 touch.
Why: We work on this to penetrate the rivals defensive lines.
Where: We use the 2nd third of the field, so as to be specific with the real situation. What is important is that behind the finishing line there is enough space to receive the ball.
When: This drill represents a build up, attacking phase.
Who: The numbers of players it’s variable. In this case we use 7v7 + Gks, but can be done with other numbers. The target players of the drill are 8 and 10 in terms of filtering balls, and 7,9,11 in terms of runs and finishing.
How: You will need a full field, cones to delimit areas. You can extend the 2nd third, creating a 70×75 yards field. You will need many balls.

Coaching Position: The coach should position himself on the sides of the delimited area or within the area. Keep balls close to you to restart game immediately after a player finishes.

Transition: Game is played as normal when a team loses the ball. When somebody scores or the ball goes out of bounds, the coach restarts the play with a ball to the team that was just denfeding.

Duration: This could be a good extended side game, 3rd stage of your training session. We suggest a duration of 30′ for this exercise.

Coaching Points:
*Timing of the run (7,9,11): Start your run when your teammate passing controls the ball and raises his/her eyes.
*Passing Player (8,10): Search for seam balls / passing lines that split the opponent’s back 4, passing between two of them, behind their shoulders.

Hope it helps Coach!