Never Seen A Center Back Overlapping? Well, Get Ready For Sheffield United Boy – A Contribution Of Sean Murphy From Florida Rush

Sean Murphy is Florida Rush’s Technical Director and generously shared these articles with us.

Soccer is like that: you think there’s a lot to learn, so you dedicate your years into mastering the beautiful game secrets.

Then one day you look at yourself in the mirror and you notice some grey hairs but it’s ok, because you feel confident and you tell yourself “I think I finally got it”…

… So you sit on your couch on a Saturday afternoon, ready to pop a cold one, and you know you’re in your zone watching those runs and moves like you’re watching the matrix…

… And then comes Sheffield United overlapping center backs and ruins it all… Come on man!

Sheffield United 3-5-2 Attacking “Overlapping Centre Backs”

Below a second link for a different article if you would like to analyze this further.

The art of Overlapping Centerbacks.

Las but not least, TiFo created animations to explain this team’s tactics.

Enjoy, this is good coach.