Nutritional Tips To Stay On Track Over The Holidays! – By Caley Carroll

Caley Carroll joined Rush as the official Nutrition Advisor in September of 2018. Her focus is to support both Rush athletes and families to a healthier lifestyle so they can have better performance on the field. In that mission, Caley realizes that it’s not just about the athletes, but it’s about the families structure at home. It is just as important for the household to understand healthy nutrition and mindset, as it is for the athletes.

The holidays are here, and so is off season for many of our athletes! What does this mean for your health!?

Cookies, sweets, candy canes, treats…. Combined with winter break and potentially little opportunity to get moving…. Can be the perfect storm setting you up for a not-so-successful Spring season.

Even if you are taking advantage of some of the winter training opportunities, it’s important to take note that your body that was used to maybe 4 or 8 or even 12 hours of workout per week… So regardless – your body iis now “on the sideline” to put it one way.

So how can you make sure that you don’t GO BACKWARDS this holiday season? Here are a couple simple changes you can make to your lifestyle until you are back in full swing for practice and games:

Don’t Eat Like a Performing Athlete when You are NOT a Performing Athlete
Ok guys – here is the deal. During off season you’re most likely not burning an extra 500-1000 calories a day… so you have to adjust your nutrition accordingly. During season we create habits of pulling in extra good carbs before and after practice…. We can even get away with a little more sweats and treats than a normal body needs.

When practice and games slow down or even come to a HALT – it’s really time to focus on solid nutrition that any normal person (aka not an awesome athlete like you) should take in. Focus on having protein with each and every meal. Limit excessive carbs. Drink plenty of water. And finally stay busy! Many people eat out of boredom and with a couple weeks off, that can be easy to do!

Practice the 80/20 Rule with a Little More Care
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition? This is a great time for the whole family to practice this principle. With all of the holiday goodies at our fingertips, it can be easy to go overboard. So think of one simple thing: 80% of the time you want to focus on healthy foods – good proteins, good fats, good carbs…. (PS – if you don’t know what this means… Please reach out to me personally!! As Rush’s Nutrition Advisor, this is something I would love to support you with and we have some simple ways to get you all of the information you need for your athlete and family!) Now it’s the other 20% of the time that you allow for some foods that have empty calories AKA cookies, chips, crackers, soda, juice, sugars, white breads, white pastas, white rice, candy and all of those Trans Fats if you know what those are!

Just be AWARE and try to grab a few less cookies and a few more carrots!

Find Ways to Move
When someone works out every week or every day, your body gets used to expanding a certain amount of energy. When we stop that activity we often feel rambunctious… like we need an outlet! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! Use that energy and go out for jog or bike ride. Maybe you have access to a fun class you could try like a HIIT training, kickboxing class or even a yoga session! And if it’s cold outside and you just want to get your workout on from home –
Try one of these simple, yet challenging home workouts.

Tis the season and we should enjoy it!! But there are ways for you to enjoy your holiday break without putting a kink in your athletic game plan! No one wants to come back to regular season and practices feeling slow, heavy and lethargic… Just a couple changes and you can come back to play feeling better than ever!!