Open Debate: Why Is It That The USA Fails To Become A Top Class Soccer Country?

Pablo Toledo is Rush Soccer’s Executive Assistant and a Coaching Education Coordinator. His studies include multiple coaching licenses and an Ms. in Sports Training, with further postgraduate specialization in Soccer Conditioning and Sports Nutrition. 

I used to work as a soccer writer and analyst for, a soccer newspaper / website with over 2 million followers.

I found this article that I posted once and opened a wonderful debate among readers.

What are we doing wrong or what are we not doing here in the USA that is depriving us from reaching top class soccer?

I need to present a disclaimer here: Many people argue that this very statement is wrong as US Women’s Soccer is one of the best in the world (if not the best). True, but also consider that women’s soccer is not a popular sport in most countries of the world. This is proved by the fact that US Women’s Soccer Player Population doubles the size of the country running in second place (Germany), tripels the third (Canada), and is 12 times larger than the fourth (Sweden), according to statistics provided by FIFA.

Player Stats:

What do you think?