Sessions To Progress From 1v1 to 2v2 – A Conversation Between Davide Corti And Tim Findall (Missouri Rush)

This is based on a conversation between Davide Corti and Tim Findall



How are you? Hopefully you are feeling more comfortable with rush and getting to see a lot of different players. 

Since the convention we have started practicing outside for two weeks now. I am leading the training that Missouri Rush offers as an extra practice option to our teams. Each night Monday through Thursday we run the same session to ensure progression, comprehension and understanding, and also to relieve the pressure of missing a special focus on a night. 

The session progresses with understanding how to dribble with control all while changing direction and speed fluidly. Then the focus moves into how to play firm accurate passes while moving off of the ball into space. The last part is 1v1 focused activities and then 2v2 to reinforce each of the earlier techniques. 

Our challenge is that the sessions are open to all ages and boys and girls same time. So there is a wide range of experience and skill and metal focus. It’s been good so far but figured I would check in to see if you had any drills that fit those descriptions that we could add into the program. 

Again hope all is going well, and excited to what rush has to offer moving forward. I think bringing in someone with your experiences and diversity is a great move. Obviously it will be difficult to personally influence every team and player but I’m very interested in holding and maintaining a dialogue with you so I can help players I train and to also become a better coach. 

Talk to soon,

Tim Findall


Davide C. took it from there and responded to Tim: 


Hi Tim,

I put something together as first step towards something that we are trying to develop at Rush with Matt in charge of the education. He will be working on my session as well before we will post the session out on the blog so that every club could take advantage of this work.

So let me explain something really quick:

If you want to work on 1vs1 we should start developing a kind of topic that includes technique and individual tactic principles.

If you work on 2vs2 we talk about individual tactical principles that turn to be collective principles.

I would keep for this reason the 2 sessions separate.

Session 1vs1

Running with the ball, change of directions, turns

What we are trying to do now is to recognize the step that will bring a player to play 1vs1, what he really has to know attacking or defending in a 1vs1 situation.


  • Running with the ball – Change of direction / Turn
  • Shielding the ball
  • Feint and Dribble (keeping the ball away from the defender)
  • Finishing (if there is a goal behind the defender)


  • Take position (between the ball and the goal) – channel the attacker with a proper body shape
  • Pressure (reduce distance on the ball carrier to avoid him to take speed with the ball)
  • Tackle

After this we need to create a correct progression for the players to understand what are they doing. We believe that if we start with working on the technical gesture that we use for 1vs1 we can work on the proper execution. This technique now has to be put in a situation of game where they should understand how to apply this technique with small numbers of players involved. Afterwards we can increase numbers of participants to the game and put some restriction to see how they apply solving problems and making decision.

That’s why we are trying to separate drills in boxes to identify the different phases in a session:

  • Technical games / Group Games
  • Situational game / Games Related
  • Conditioned Games

That’s how your session might look out for us.

Session 2vs2

You can talk to Davide Corti as well. Feel encouraged to. He’ll respond to you with some good insights that we’ll share with everybody, just like we are doing here.

Thanks Coach!