What Would You Like To Read About?

This blog is ran by Rush Soccer Coaches, for Rush Soccer Coaches. The blog expresses the opinion of the individual author and not Rush Soccer, The Rush Way or the Rush Coaching Education Department. 

The Rush is amazing and has the capacity of integrating 2000+ coaches from all over the world, so we want to invite you to do the most basic thing: We want to invite you to chat.

Soccer is as much of an art as it is science, so why not debate? Why wouldn’t I post a question just to hear another coaches’ opinion?

Even if i don’t agree with the responses that I receive, that’s where your art grows. Listening to multiple opinions and theories to find your own way, what makes the most sense to you.

Ask a question and somebody will very likely have an answer for you, or maybe a whole post!

Use this space for that. It’s a wonderful opportunity that we get for being part of this amazing club.

Talk soon Coach!