The End Of Average – A Study By Todd Rose From The Harvard School Of Education, Brought By The Coaching Education Department

Todd Rose is the co-founder and president of the Center for Individual Opportunity and a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a scientist in developmental psychology known for his work applying dynamical systems principles to the study of development, intelligence, and learning, and for his contributions to the field of Mind, Brain, and Education (Educational Neuroscience). His current focus is in the area of the Science of the Individual, with an emphasis on applying insights about individuality to issues of human potential, talent development, and the design of social institutions. He is the author of Square Peg and The End of Average.

This study has a massive impact in coaching soccer, simply from the cornerstone that coaching is an educational profession and that the object or the receiver of this is a human being.

Todd Rose presents undeniable evidence of the mistakes that scientific disciplines make by treating individuals based on averages, and leads us to highlight and reflect on the importance of deeply understanding who we have in front of us when we coach.

A must watch.