The Secret Behind Lionel Messi’s Devastating Dribbling Style – By The Coaching Education Department

There are several reasons why I love sharing this article.

The first is because the Rush Soccer Blog is a space to share what we know or what we think. Soccer is a game, that has as much of science as of art, so two completely opposed opinions can be valid simultaneously, and the history of the sport does nothing but agree with that statement: “Keep a clean sheet first” vs “if I attack, the rival can’t score”, creating vs taking advantage of the rival’s mistakes, direct vs possession based, cattenaccios, pragmatism, 4-3-3’s vs 4-4-2’s, Simeones vs Guardiolas, and bla bla bla.

Anyway, my point was that maybe along the way I learnt something from a scientific point of view that supported this article, but if so I don’t really remember it… So what, right? It still makes sense to me.

The second reason why I love this article is because it’s based on details.

Winning and losing in soccer is frequently decided by the details. The same happens with player development. The higher the level, even more. The better players tend to be better than the rest because of the details, as they all master the basics.

In this article that I wrote for, I present the details that make Lionel Messi so much better than anybody else in the world at running with the ball. These are to me, some of those details that make a huge difference in the overall, and is directly related to what we coach. Maybe after reading this article, your approach to coaching this skill will be slightly different.

I’ll be happy if so. Will add a new detail, and details matter.

Hope you find some value on it coach.